How To Record Screen With Audio? [4 Free Ways]

Posted on: Mar. 24, 2021

Briefs: Learn how to record screen with audio from different platforms or via versatile ways. Follow us to record screen with audio for free.

Consider that many users have different preferences and used various platforms, we've selected out 4 ways to cover all users' requirements. Check them out and find your preferable screen recording solution:


How to Record Screen with Audio Free Online?

For most people, free online solutions are the most ideal. Therefore, we'll cover the online way to record screen with audio for free.

Steps to Record Screen with Audio for Free in RecordCast:

  1. Land RecordCast's website. Select your recording mode, with one screen or two screens.
  2. Select screen recording mode.

    Image: Select screen recording mode.

  3. Choose audio mode from "Microphone + System audio", "Microphone", "System audio" and "No audio" and hit the button of [Start Recording].
  4. Select audio recording mode.

    Image: Select audio recording mode.

  5. Pick a computer screen to capture. You can choose to record screen activities from the whole screen, a browser's tab, or an application window.
  6. Download your recording video or you can go further by editing it.

How to Record Screen with Sound in Windows 10?

There are two ways for Windows 10 users to record screen. One way is using Windows 10 Game Bar screen recorder (a built-in application on Windows 10), the other way is downloading the free "Expression Encoder" in Microsoft.

Steps to Record Screen with Audio in Windows 10 [Game Bar]:

  1. Check if you've activated Game Bar, it's defaulted with "On" option. If not, switch it to "On".
  2. Turn on game bar.

    Image: Turn on game bar.

  3. Open the app you want to record.
  4. Press Win key and "G" at the same time to active recording windows.
  5. Turn on micro icon to set recording a screen with sound.
  6. Start screen recording by clicking the dot icon.

Tip 1: Game Bar Recording saves videos in Windows video document. You can find your recording videos there. Check the best 5 game recorders free online.

Tip 2: Windows 10 Game Bar screen recording only allows you to record one app at a time. If you want to record videos in different apps, you can try merging videos or follow other screen recording methods in this article.

Steps to Record Screen with Audio in Windows 10 [via Expression Encoder]:

  1. Search and download Expression Encoder for free.
  2. Open Expression Encoder in Windows explorer.
  3. Set whether you want to record a sound along with screen capture. You can choose between the system voice and your audio from a microphone.
  4. Click red record icon and select a screen area to capture.

How to Record Screen and Audio on Mac?

If you want to use Mac default screen recorder, then you should search & launch QuickTime Player.

Steps to Record Screen with Audio on Mac [via QuickTime Player]:

    Turn on screen recording in QuickTime Player.

    Image: Turn on screen recording in QuickTime Player.

  1. Go [File] on the menu and choose "New Screen Recording".
  2. Click the red screen recording button and choose where you want to record video. QuickTime Player allows you to record a part of screen or full screen.
  3. After choosing the screening area, press [Start Recording] button.
  4. Click the top record button in black to finish your recording.
  5. Use command + ”S” to save your recording video.
  6. Check how to use QuickTime for screen recording in multiple ways

At Last

Hope you've recorded your wanted screen. To sum it up, it's much easier to use RecordCast than the other 3 ways on Windows 10/Mac to record screen with audio. Moreover, RecordCast gives you more options to record screen with sound. If you like, you can edit your screen recording video.

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