2021 Best 5 Game Recorders Free Online (Tested)

Posted on: Mar. 24, 2021
What are the best game recorders to use? Hundreds of game recording software are available on the Internet, and it's not easy to choose. We've wrapped up the best 5 game recorders that really worked without watermark. Let's check them out.

Recording game has become popular these years. Whether you want to record a gaming guide or start a game YouTube channel, a game recorder is a must-have tool.

#1.RecordCast [Recommended, Watermark-Free]

RecordCast Game Screen Recorder.

Image: RecordCast Game Screen Recorder.

If you are looking for a convenient game recorder to use, RecordCast screen recorder can be one of the ideal candidates. Whether you are recording your web game or a PC-hosted game or even a YouTube gaming strategy, RecordCast can help you do them freely. Just select the fullscreen mode or choose a browser tab, your game recording will be undergone automatically. Check how to record YouTube videos?

Besides its powerful game recording features, RecordCast allows you to edit your gaming screencast as you wish, for example, resizing/rotating/merging your recording games, as well as adding highlight texts/annotations.


  • Recording & editing game video is much faster thanks to its client process technology.
  • Flexible recording modes to choose from, including picture-in-picture recording mode.
  • Easy to record game videos, even for PC newbies.
  • Take up fewer PC resources, so that it won't affect your awesome game experiences.
  • Record game video in original visual quality. (Better than HD quality)
  • Real-time preview and editing.

    #2. Screen Capture

    Screen Capture Game Recorder.

    Image: Screen Capture Game Recorder.

    Screen Capture is another fast gaming recording software online. On the homepage of Screen Capture, it'll ask you to opt-in a bunch of recording choices and proceed preciously following your options. Its interface design obeys simplism, so it's much clearer for use. But be aware, a free game recording will put an annotation tab on each recording frame, advertising its website.

    Also note, Screen Capture is a mere game recorder online. Therefore when you want to customize your recording games further, you have to grab another video editor for help.


  • It's fast to record video games.
  • Flexible game recording modes to choose from.
  • Easier to record game videos, even PC freshers won't find it difficult.
  • Record game video in HD quality.
  • Real-time preview.

    #3.FlexClip Gaming Recorder [Recommended, No Watermark]

    FlexClip Game Recorder.

    Image: FlexClip Game Recorder.

    FlexClip is an all-in-1 video editor online, with great resources for game recording. You can choose its recorder tool to begin with. Or alternatively, you can launch its online editor app and open its recording function.

    Although recording is not FlexClip's primary function, it doesn't mean FlexClip sucks at game recording. It'll capture all gaming activities on your screen.


  • Real-time game recording & editing. (Also adopt client-side recording technology.)
  • Four recording modes to choose from - full screen, webcam, app, and windows tab.
  • Easy to record game videos for all-level users.
  • Record game video in original visual quality. (Better than HD quality)
  • Real-time preview and editing.

    #4.Clipchamp Screen Recorder

    Clipchamp Screen Recorder.

    Image: Clipchamp Screen Recorder.

    Clipchamp screen recorder is a pretty old product for game recording online. You may feel its interface is a bit more complicated than the game recorders mentioned above for the first try. That's true. However, after spending minutes with it, you'll find ways to manipulate Chipchamp.

    Compared with other game recorders, Chipchamp is a little bit less-functioning in game recording. You have to register a free account, go to its editor, then its recorder can reveal. If you are using screen recorders for making a gameplay tutorial, do check the best screen recorders for making tutorial videos.


  • Real-time game recording & editing.
  • Adopt server-side process technology, therefore it will be slower than client-side ones.
  • Still easy to record game videos.
  • Record game video in standard quality for free. (HD quality recording requires a paid subscription.)
  • Real-time preview and editing.

    #5.VEED.IO [No Watermark]

    VEED Online Game Recorder.

    Image: VEED Online Game Recorder.

    If you like to change your webcam recording background, VEED.IO is a cool option for you. But you need to know this is a less stable gaming screen recorder. In our test, its performance highly relies on your network performance - if your network has a little stumble, VEED.IO recording may lose some gaming visuals, and that depends.


  • Real-time game recording.
  • Background change supports.
  • Split-screen recording supports.
  • Still easy to record game videos.
  • Record game video in HD quality.
  • Real-time preview and editing.

    Last Words

    That's all we round up for game screen recorders. These tools have their own pros and cons, and you can judge & balance and choose a game recorder based on your requirements.

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